Soft Skills

Why Setting Goals Sucks Reiner Karft shed the lights on issues while dealing with goal settings frameworks. You have to setup โ€œbigโ€ goals. You may or may not reach a certain outcome at a desired checkpoint. More important is the experience you had during that time and what you have learned - experience is something that helps you to grow. If you think that goals just as a direction of a journey then you cannot really fail. You should not get too concerned with the outcome, when you start feeling frustration.

My thoughts about the Principal role Whatโ€™s a Principal Software Engineer One of the things I couldnโ€™t answer in the last 4-5 years was my role.

Your first 90 days as CTO or VP Engineering Whenever I transition to a new opportunity, I think about how to start well. How can I ramp up as effectively as possible? How do I balance the urge to โ€œshow valueโ€ early with making the right decisions?

Principal Engineering at Zalando In this post, we detail out how we leverage our senior individual contributors (Principal Engineers) throughout the company. Learn how we leverage Principal Engineers to solve engineering challenges across Zalando.

Open Decision Framework - A flexible, open approach to making business decisions and leading projects from Red Hat.