Designing the Perfect Elasticsearch - Cluster design is an overlooked part of running ElasticSearch. Official documentation and blog posts focus on the magic of deploying a cluster in a giffy, while the first problem people face when deploying in production is memory management issues, aka garbage collection madness. This guide answers most questions I was asked, and summarizes everything you should know about designing the perfect ElasticSearch cluster.

Robotic OS

LiDAR processing pipeline - rapidlasso is a creator of LAS suite. This tutorial serves as an example for a complete end-to-end workflow that starts with raw LiDAR flightlines to final classified LiDAR tiles and derived products such as raster, vectors, etc.

A Gentle Introduction to ROS - ROS (Robot Operating System) is rapidly becoming a de facto standard for writing interoperable and reusable robot software. This book supplements ROS’s own documentation, explaining how to interact with existing ROS systems and how to create new ROS programs using C++, with special attention to common mistakes and misunderstandings. The intended audience includes new and potential ROS users.

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