Type-level programming fun in TypeScript - TypeSystem saves us from innumerable hidden bugs. This tutorial shows a Type-level programming techniques in TypeScript. What type-level programming is, and how to introduce it in our codebase helps us to reach more exact type definitions, thus reducing the bugs in our code. Starting from a practical example we will see the basic patterns, limits and potential. See the video

TYPESCRIPT TYPE INFERENCE GUIDE - Type Inference is one of the most important features we should master, as we progress with using TypeScript. One of the most useful resources when getting started with TypeScript is the official handbook. However, it doesnโ€™t go too deep into type inference and doesnโ€™t provide practical tips on how to leverage it.

Notes on TypeScript - a series of posts about TypeScript development techniques.

TypeScript: Working with JSON - TypeScript do not support at type safeness on external JSON object. The blog gives hints how to enforce type safeness without generics or 3rd party libraries


State of JS in 2020 JavaScript as a whole still managed to somehow move forward. As the language itself keeps improving thanks to new features like Optional Chaining and Nullish Coalescing, TypeScriptโ€™s widespread adoption is taking things to a whole other level by popularizing static typing. The site is a JS โ€œtechnology radarโ€.