How to fetch data with React Hooks - tutorial about data retrial using the state and effect hooks in react applications.

How to create and update Context.Provider - define a custom context for react applications.

BlueprintJs - Blueprint is a React-based UI toolkit for the web.

Flexbox Online Console - Use FlexBox to layout with CSS.

ESLint and Prettier for React - Building high-quality apps is hard for many reasons. A linter analyses statically your code. It means it checks out the code without executing it.


Centralizing API error handling in React apps Almost every modern app interacts with an API for their data requirements; be it a RESTful API or a GraphQL one, firing requests on the web is the bread and butter of the majority of apps out there. Most of the times things go well and your request is returns successfully, but there are times when things don’t go as smoothly. There is the pattern to implement a global error handling in the application. The usage of notistack and Material UI are a good enabler to begin the implementation.


The Dress Code - The Dress Code is a style library / style guide which is designed for maintainability and modularity. The library has an react extension react-dress-code.