Technology Radar

ThoughtWorks maintains highlights about currently interesting technologies in software development. As they said - β€œthings in motion that we think you should pay attention to and consider using in your projects”. It inspires teams to pick the best technologies and tools to get the job well done.

Here is my personal technology radar. It helps me to follow up and assess upcoming technologies, to innovate on them and study news things. Despite a fact that the radar is written using impersonal language, it provides value via visibility of used technologies and gained experience curve at my professional life cycle.

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The radar is built on topic areas - quadrants. Each quadrant maintain blips and list of knowledge materials which helps progressing with development.

Techniques and Theories
These include elements of a software engineering process, such as theories (e.g. queueing, functional programming), architecture practices and patterns, experience design, etc.
Platforms and Systems
Things that we build software on top of such as cloud platforms, operating systems, or generic kinds of platforms like distributes or actor systems.
Tools and Technologies
Standalone software components such as databases, software development tools, such as versions' control systems; or more generic categories of productivity tools.
Languages and Frameworks
These include programming languages like Go, Java and Python and frameworks Flutter, React.js and Gin, etc


I do have strong confidence for that and use it when appropriate in my projects.
Worth of evaluating. The technology is under evaluation. I am still testing its limits or learning new things about it.
Worth exploring and build understanding how it impacts your projects.
Proceed with caution. The technology do not have significant impact.

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