About Me - π•―π–’π–Žπ–™π–—π–ž

Creative technology leader. Experienced in engineering of consumer oriented cloud services, databases and protocols. Able to direct full product life cycle using agile methods. Has proven skills to execute greenfield development. Strong interests on engineering of decentralized distributed solutions and real-time processing. Hands-on with large system performance and scalability. Open Source enthusiast.

I had a fortune to take various engineering roles as part of my professional experience. We have contributed to development of various on-line services:

On-line Search Engine(s)

Distributed, horizontally scalable and fault tolerant solution for automatic analysis and classification of textual content using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. The solution processes and extracts about 25 - 30 billions textual features daily. Streamlined the solution to support consumer oriented search thought all aggregated content.

Fashion search and discovery solution facilitates consumer facing application with discovery scenarios when consumer has either a vague or very specific idea of they shopping intent.

Knowledge Graph as a Service

Knowledge Graph is a platform service to resolve the information retrieval complexity of unstructured knowledge in fashion domain. The solution automates facts extraction, storage and lookup using best practices of semantic web and linked-data.

Data Analytics Platform(s)

Horizontally scalable data analytics platform hosts an applications that interact with LiDAR scanners and obtain a forestry data in format of point cloud (3D arrays). Further on, these applications discover insights at the level of individual tree using heuristic, statistic and machine learning algorithms.

Data Warehouse(s)

Highly available data warehouses to store facts about geo-spacial objects. The warehouse acts a System of Records and facilitates on-line data access for various analytics and strategic management applications.

Real-time Consumer Engagement

High-resolution, real-time consumer analytics to trace behavior and make immediate decision while consumer interacts with user experience. The system is enhanced with machine learning algorithms to automatically respond on consumer demand. Please see my post about this subject.

Time-Series Database as a Service

Highly-available consumer-oriented RESTful storage to aggregate and persist time series data (e.g. historical price, trends, etc) with minimal read/write latency. The system holds 36 billions price samples to the date. The solution to detect the price change in real-time manner so that system is capable of automatic trading on best available deals on the market.

Application Store

Resolved performance and scalability issue of consumer Internet services (over 300M active users) including but no limited to Application Store and Consumer Entertainment platforms. Provided strategic capacity direction for services to ensure they ability meet scalability requirements and handle traffic demand.

Fixed a scalability issue and provided a technical leadership on performance and scalability matters to various R&D activities including Virtualization, Cloud services, SaaS/PaaS, BigData, distributed in-memory clusters, MySQL Cluster, distributed document and triple (RDF) storages and many others.

End-to-end performance analysis/optimization of client-to-cloud interactive transaction executed over wireless and mobile networks; included aspects of infrastructure, protocol development and embedded application behavior. Designed a methodology to reduce a latency perceived by end-user by 150%.

Designed analytical models of consumer Internet services to derive relationships between business requirement and system capacity in a way that the analytical model becomes a tool for investment planning. Forecast capacity consumption with 5% error margin on long term scales and about 1% on short term.

Video On Demand

Internet service addresses aspects of seamless smart-phone integration with content providers. The solution streamlined content publishing, aggregation and consumption time by 90%. Enhanced the solution for transparent video content consumption by mobile devices from premium and social video on demand services.

On-line 3D virtual world

Innovative 3D social media client platform based on OpenGL ES1.x interface. Handled a cross-platform adaptation API to target client portability to various mobile and desktop operating systems (e.g. Linux, Windows, Mobile OSes and other).

Mobile Home Screen

An innovative home screen solution for smart-phone platform. Its uses patterns and best practices, providing a pluggable, highly customizable application architecture to address critical customer requirements and extensions across home screen.

Package Management System

A package management and application store integration for smart-phone.

Content Distribution Network

Distributed platform for content management and distribution using TCP/IP network infrastructure.

Intrusion Detection and Surveillance

A distributed public safety system to control security around government, business and private properties. It is a scalable solution uses patterns and best practices to support 24x7 perimeter intrusion detection, assessment, and surveillance with system reliability and uptime exceeding 99.99%. The services provides integrated workflow with command-and-control center that streamlined the police officer decision making time by 90%.